Professional Day : Spiritual Direction & Shame

In-person or Zoom

Underlying feelings of shame and guilt can be among the greatest stumbling blocks to spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God.  This day explores feelings of shame and neurotic guilt as they relate to images of God, self and others, all within the context of spiritual direction.

Brother Don believes this is one of the most significant presentations for ongoing spiritual directors that he has given in his professional career.

Over 200 people participated on an international zoom formation program from Boston this past year on this topic.

Presenter: Don Bisson, FMS, D.Min.
A spiritual director, educator of spiritual directors, and international speaker.  With over 70 live audio recordings available, Don is recognized for his deep insights into Christian spirituality, Jungian psychology, and the spiritual life.  His passion is “to tend to the human soul in every dimension of life”.

Date/Time:  Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (9:30am – 3:30pm)
Continental breakfast provided.  Please bring bag lunch.
*Must show proof of vaccination for In-Person

Flyer Professional Day:  Don Bisson 10-20-21